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The Power of Essential Oils: A Beginner’s Guide

Truly Jenny 10. The Power of Essential Oils

Ah, essential oils! They’re like the garden party your senses actually want to attend. When I first dabbled into this realm through doTERRA, I was the novice at the party. Now, it's a ritualistic dance between me, the oils, and my toddler's ever-so-curious nose. If you’re ready to mingle in this botanical soiree, here’s your cheat sheet to not look (or smell) out of place:

1. What’s the Buzz?    

If you’re new to the essential oil game. Essential oils are basically plants in fancy bottles, extracted from flowers, leaves, and stems. They’re like the essence of nature having a small talk with your senses.

2. Smells Like Wellness Spirit:

Each oil has its vibe. Lavender is your go-to for a chill mood, Peppermint for that extra pep in your step, and Frankincense for when you want to get all zen.

3. Daily Doses of Aroma:

Sleep Like a Baby: Few drops of Lavender or Chamomile on your pillow, and you're off to la-la land. Make it into a nightly ritual by storing it in a glass spritz bottle and using it as pillow spray. If you do this, I recommend 15 drops lavender and 10 drops chamomile and top it off with distilled water in a 2 oz glass bottle like these.

Morning Zing: Lemon or Peppermint oil can make mornings less "ugh." I usually keep a roller with diluted peppermint and fractionated coconut oil in my bag to help me feel awake after those long nights and early mornings. 

Meditative Whiffs: Frankincense or Sandalwood are great for when you need to drown out the toddler tantrums.

4. Beauty in a Bottle:

A drop of Tea Tree for blemish control, or Lavender for soothing, and voila! You're the sorcerer of skin serenity.

5. Armored Aroma:

Cold season? A sniff of Tea Tree or Eucalyptus oil might just keep the sniffles at bay. 

6. Homemade Haven:

A diffuser with your favorite oils, and your home turns into a fancy spa. Well, minus the massage. 

7. Safety Scent-sations:

Essential oils are potent pals. Dilute them, and when in doubt, a patch test or a chat with an fellow essential oil lover is your safety net. I typically follow safety protocols straight from the doTERRA website and from The Essential Life.


Now that you’re invited to the essential oil party, I’m excited to hear your scented stories! Which essential oils piqued your interest? What quirky blends did you create?

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