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Welcome to Truly Jenny, where heartfelt motherhood experiences, genuine holistic living, and the vibrancy of life's journey are celebrated. 

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From Entrepreneurship to Blogging: My Career Transition

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Welcome to my journey from being a doTERRA entrepreneur to a holistic lifestyle blogger. It's a tale filled with more twists and turns than your favorite drama series, and I'm excited to share it with fellow moms, entrepreneurs, and anyone dreaming of a new career path.

My adventure began in the aromatic world of doTERRA essential oils, where I thrived as an entrepreneur. Imagine me, a dedicated oil baroness, managing a bustling business with a team that felt like family. Essential oils were more than products; they were a lifestyle, a passion.

However, life had an unexpected plot twist in store: the birth of my beautiful daughter, Emme. Motherhood, an experience more potent than the purest lavender oil, transformed my world. Suddenly, my days were a blend of baby powder scents and late-night diaper changes, a stark contrast to the eucalyptus and lavender nuances of my entrepreneurial life.

Juggling a thriving business and a new baby was far from a cakewalk. I needed a pivot, a shift in focus that would allow me to embrace motherhood without losing my sense of self. That's when I began my transition from a successful doTERRA entrepreneur to a blogging journey, carving out a new niche in the digital world.

My blog became a canvas for my experiences, a platform where I could explore and share my passion for holistic living, balancing motherhood and a career. It's a space for authenticity, where perfection is sidelined in favor of progress and real-life experiences.

I still cherish my love for essential oils, but now I also explore other facets of a holistic lifestyle. My blog is not just about essential oils; it's about finding a balance, trying new things, embracing imperfections, and, most importantly, progressing each day.

So, to all aspiring bloggers, entrepreneurs, and moms navigating career transitions, know that it's the journey that counts. Embrace the changes, cherish each role you play, and remember, a dash of sarcasm and a sprinkle of sass can make the ride even more enjoyable.

Are there other moms out there transitioning careers or diving into blogging? Or perhaps, you're still deep in the essential oil business? Share your stories, tips, and experiences. Let's navigate these exciting paths together! 🌱👩‍💻🍼🌸

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